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" if you know the challenges and you know yourself, you will not be imperiled "

The ever-changing business environment provides great opportunities and great risks.


fast-changing technology impacts, cyber threats, safety, reputation, and PR dilemmas are just a few of the altering challenges your organization may encounter.


Today more than ever before, effective risk management strategies that allow identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are an essential tool for improving the resilience of your organization.


Our innovation tools and methods combined with our unique perspective as both defenders and attackers will help you to mitigate the risks and discover hidden opportunities.

Cstrategy is a boutique company engaged in providing multi-dimensional holistic solutions tailored to customer needs.



Cstrategy is a boutique company engaged in providing multi-dimensional holistic solutions tailored to customer needs. Our team of leading experts is assembled from veterans of elite IDF & ISA operational and technical units.

So far, we are active in the USA, Europe, Australia, India and Israel.

Among our customers, tier-1 companies including banks, investment houses and high-tech companies.



Supply our clients the tools to be prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that this fast-moving environment presents.

We make use of military and academic grade methods as well as advanced technologies and tools, at all stages of service ans solution offered.  

This combined with our unique perspective as both defenders and attackers, will help you mitigate the risks and discover hidden opportunities.

Founded and managed by senior veterans of elite operational unites, with Israel's intelligence and special operation community, Cstrategy brings the years of experience of its founders, the excellence of Israeli technology, and innovative thought to meet today's challenging business environment. and provides you with an unparalleled resource.


Our Expertise


  • We analyze your current cyber status and help you formulate a tailor-made course of action to meet the challenge.



  • A highly effective set of methodologies. 

  • We utilize a wide range of techniques and disciplines to achieve the best practical result.

Multidimensional Red Teams



  • A red team is an independent group that challenges an organization in order to improve its effectiveness.



Cyber threats and attacks continue to grow in number and complexity all while the business world grows increasingly connected and digital.

Cyber threats today are top-tier business risks, stretching to every partner, vendor, customer, employee, and to every business process.

We provide a multi-dimensional holistic solutions tailored to the customer needs for IT and OT systems


  • Risk Management

  • Compliance

  • Cyber posture

  • Forensics


Course of Action

  • Resilience & Recovery

  • policies and procedures

  • Standards and Regulation


Training & Simulations

  • strategic thinking

  • practice

Cyber Security

A set of methodologies used to simulate aspects of the business environment in order to :


Uncover hidden problems and Solutions examine concepts, plans, and resilience.


Explore future scenarios educate and train decision-makers & executives.


Spark communication and collaboration among people who otherwise would never see the benefits of interacting,


Strategic games

(scenario-based, dynamic iterative games, role-playing)

Unlocking Complexity dynamic, considering contingencies, gathering new insight

C level


Scenario-Based Discussions

(table top exercises)

Consideration of contingencies, Wider implications and factors

Medium to C Level


Exercises, Training Courses, Etc.

Acquiring/Improving skills and capabilities

Technical to Medium Levels

Analytics games

Multidimensional Red Teams

A full-scope, multi-layered attack simulation designed to measure how well a company’s defense can withstand an attack The Red Team explores several attack surfaces examining your personnel, process, and technology


Composed of experts with different disciplines & specialties the Red Team Simulate the ways in which a sophisticated adversary operates and reveals potential gaps & vulnerability’s in the company systems that can be exploited by malicious players (outsiders and insiders)


The Red Team findings include recommendations to mitigate

the breach.

Red Team

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